Welcome to All Saints’ History Month


Dear saints,

2020 promises to be an exciting year of discernment and discovery as we dialogue and pray with one another about the future of our block. To help keep you in the loop you will receive a short weekly email from me on Mondays giving you an update on what has happened over the past week. I hope you’ll enjoy keeping in touch.

This past Sunday we kicked-off our All Saints’ history month with a panel discussion featuring Margaret Langford, Bob Miller and Dave Crass, each keepers of history in their own right. You can view a recording of the forum here.

Our services also featured Malinda Snow’s remembrance of Deaconess Katherine E. Wood, and invited us to raise up the value of welcome and the church’s mission to love and serve the city around us. Learn more here.

Details of all of the Future of Our Block work can be found at futureofourblock.org, and you can contact the steering committee with your thoughts here.