Future of Our Block Update: January 13, 2020

Dear saints,

This past Sunday morning at All Saints’ offered a wonderful testament to the richness of the life and history that we share in this parish. In church, Ethel Ware Carter recalled the work she did to reach out to the signatories of the Ministers’ Manifesto, including of course All Saints’ rector at the time, Milton Wood, with Frank Ross as his associate, waiting in the wings to take on the leadership of this parish during the height of the civil rights struggle in Atlanta. Up in the room named in honor of Frank Ross, story-tellers relayed the genesis of the night shelter when Harry Pritchett was rector, and the ministry of lay leaders such as Jack Langford and the Scout troop that had brought boys together from across the city for many years. Down in Ellis Hall, Andy Barnett led a lively exploration of how we have worshipped as a church through the years, while up in The Attic of the Pritchett Center, a large group of confirmands and their mentors met to remind us all that the future of Christ’s church on this block will live within the promise of human lives more than anything we will build.

Please do catch up on Sunday’s celebration should you have missed it, and do pray for our community, that we will feel the Spirit continue to move among us as we give thanks for the past and incline our hearts to the future.