Future of Our Block Update: January 21, 2020

Dear saints,

As we continue to make our way through some of the major landmarks of our history, this past Sunday parishioner Bob Miller, some spectacular music and our preacher/teacher, Natosha Reid Rice, helped us recall the place in time that All Saints’ found itself in at the height of the civil rights struggle and how that struggle for justice and peace persists today. It is for me a reminder that the mission of the church is never complete and that the needs of the human family tend to repeat themselves as they are reiterated from era to era. In other words, God is not finished with us yet! All Saints’ is a church that has heard the call of the city to be light and salt for the world, and our response to that call has been both challenging and a source of renewal. I do encourage you to listen to the audios of Sunday’s service and forum, as we continue to lift up to God what our vocation is today and tomorrow for this city God so loves and calls us to serve.