Future of Our Block Update: January 27, 2020

Dear saints,

This past Sunday wrapped up our All Saints’ history month. If you missed any of it and would like to catch up you can do so here. We brought things to a close with a forum in Ellis Hall where we all got to amble down memory lane with a video made at All Saints’ in the 1980’s called ‘Here to Stay.’ True then; true today. It was a wonderful connection to the past to hear Harry Pritchett and Barbara Brown Taylor enunciate our shared values: acceptance, innovation, education, worship, family, openness, change, service, witness, outreach, and at the heart of it all, people. All Saints’ is its people, and we are privileged to be the parish today who will discern this year the future of this block as we seek to share Christ’s light in the city of Atlanta for the 21st century.

As we move into February, our steering committee will begin engaging the local community regarding their potential needs and hopes for All Saints’, and a parish engagement committee will prepare the ground for the next phase of our discernment as a parish, which will begin in March. Exciting times ahead. Please continue to hold our church in prayer as we discern our future together.