Future of Our Block Update: February 3, 2020

Dear saints,

When I arrived at church this morning, at about 7:30 a.m., I could see the construction workers across the street on site at the emerging Norfolk Southern building doing jumping jacks to begin the working day. Aside from giving me some good ideas for vestry meetings this year, it offered a rather lovely image of how we might picture ourselves as we imagine the future of this block. Now is our hour to limber up our sense of vision. Time to get our theological imagination into shape and our bring curiosity for the movement of God in this place to a new peak. Yesterday’s first Faith in the City forum with Renee Glover offered something of a workout in that regard. She challenged us to ask how we might be a model for faith communities in the cities of this country who also might seek to make a difference for good on the urban landscape. Please do watch the recording of the forum if you were not able to attend.

As you cast your own sights across our block and think of our shared future in this city, this month the Parish Engagement Committee will be preparing to help us all hear one another and give everyone in our church family an opportunity to share with others what they see when we launch that stage of our process in March.

We are immeasurably blessed to be the saints on this block at this point in time. With God, nothing is impossible.