Future of Our Block Update: February 10, 2020

Dear saints,

This past Sunday our children’s choirs presented a wonderful rendition of ‘Moses’ in a musical performance held in Ellis Hall. As they sang and acted on the stage they offered the gift of memory to those gathered. The story of Moses and the exodus is one of the core stories of our faith, recalling the liberation of the Hebrew slaves from Egypt and proclaiming God’s faithfulness to God’s people from generation to generation. Watching them this Sunday, I couldn’t help but think of how our discernment work as a church this year is in many ways for them; for those who will love and lead this church in its future.
This week, the Parish Engagement Committee will begin to reach out to those who might host a home gathering of parishioners starting next month as we endeavor to articulate among one another the vision we have for this block. They will also work on putting together the right kind of survey questions and plan out focus group sessions and larger scale events, all of which we hope will allow every voice to be heard as we all keep the future on our hearts and minds. As these preparations are getting underway, I invite you to pray for All Saints’, for the life that we share today, and for the church we will be for the decades to come. In the words of the Prayer Book: ‘with God’s help, we will’.