Future of Our Block Update: March 2, 2020

Dear saints,

After a couple of weeks’ hiatus as I took a group of about 40 fellow travelers on pilgrimage to Israel and Jordan, it is good to be back and back with you about the future of our block. It’s amazing the change that just a couple of weeks away can bring. Construction across the street at the Norfolk Southern headquarters has progressed apace, rain and shine. The tower that will forever change our view of West Peachtree looking on toward Tech Square is rapidly rising from the ground. One of the hardest things about change is not the change to something but the loss that the change can be perceived to represent. I can empathize with that. Ever since coming to All Saints’ I have loved the view of the city from the Ross Room windows, a view that will now be ‘lost’ to the Norfolk Southern building project. We face the same challenges with life as we do with our city scapes. And so, Lent is a wonderful gift of time to go a little deeper into the Way of Jesus that calls us to let go of what we have and travel lightly so as to take up the new form and substance of joy and faithfulness that God beckons us into. The loss of a view for several thousand new neighbors; not a bad trade when you think about it for a while. As we prepare to begin engaging our hearts and minds later this month, may we pray for a sense of that light-traveling way of grace, for this generation of saints, and the next.